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The System Where Everybody Gets Paid

Your Preffered Partner

LegacyBuilders Global is your preferred partner when it comes to real estate. We bring the expertise of the real estate and financial industry together to achieve better results for our investors.


We at LegacyBuilders believe that every human was put on this earth to be able to leave a legacy to their loved ones or charities. We also believe that real estate is one of the best ways to build this legacy and that everybody should have access to higher and risk optimized returns. Real estate should bring you more freedom and happiness; not worries and uncertainty. This is why we are focusing right now on the German market and it’s most promising regions.

Core Team and Advisors

LegacyBuilders Global has been established to provide you access to one of the best systems in real estate investing, which combines the strength of education and access to safe and secure property investments.


We hand selected our globally recognized advisors in order to constantly expand our knowledge so you can profit from the knowledge of our network for your real estate investments. Our advisors consult us in real estate investing, marketing, branding and business development; to name a few areas. This gives us the advantage to maximize the profits on your investments.

Our Approach

LegacyBuilders has built a strong system to ensure everybody gets PAID. We wired this in our DNA to ensure that investments are safe and secure. Real Estate should bring freedom, not worries. Our approach is tailored to the needs of you as the investor to make sure you can make an informed decision and that risk is minimized or ruled out in the beginning.


Our platform approach of hand selected partners ensures you are getting the best deals. We have established a network of partners which is committed in the same way we are towards the best experience for you. Today we mainly focus on one of the most stable regions in Germany, the Metropol Region Rhein-Neckar.


Jennifer Pickhan is a Serial Entrepreneur, Speaker, TUV Certified Real Estate Appraiser & Financial Planner. She started her Real Estate career at the age of 18 with an internship at one of the top realtors in Europe in Mallorca. When she finished the study in business administration she joined the biggest construction company in the Mannheim area and worked in their Marketing & Sales department. Eventually she hunted down the possibility to join a start up in the development of shopping centers, where she did all their financial calculation, lease contract negotiations and was responsible for the apprentices. 2017 she founded LegacyBuilders Global where she works on educating people about real estate and helping them to make their first steps investing in it.